Workshop News

Workshop News

As you might expect, the last few months have been an exceptionally busy time for us, as more and more people are turning to their bikes for daily exercise or to commute – which is great and long may it continue.

We have never seen the workshop as busy as it is right now and have 2 mechanics working full time to try and keep up with the demand.

Please always call or message before visiting the shop for any kind of repair or to get your bike serviced.  We have a booking system operating which we will add your detail to, giving you a date to bring your bike in on.  If we can be bring that date forward we will.

Another impact of the massive demand on bike workshops is the supply of parts and spares.  As well as the high demand causing popular items such as inner tubes to sell out – demand is up 80%, the disruption in the supply chain is often causing delivery to be several days rather than the usual overnight meaning your bike may be sat waiting for parts for a bit longer than usual.

Rest assured we are dong all we can to complete repairs as fast as we can whilst maintaining our trusted and well known quality of workmanship.

Stay safe and keep riding!