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In the biggest change we’ve made since opening the shop in 2011 we are adding a whole new range to the products and services we offer.


From this Summer Dialled In Bikes will be the Bay’s leading supplier of e-scooters.  This new “last mile” transport solution is set to revolutionise the way we get about.  With the changes to society brought on by the 2020 Coronvirus pandemic, the necessity to continue battling climate change, and Government encouraging us to use alternatives to public transport, the e-scooter is  an eco friendly and great “socially distant” way to commute and cover the final part of a journey to work or even just as a fun leisure gadget.

For our launch we have a range of e- scooters from Reid, Li-Fe and Razor starting at just £299.00.  All are available to view in store or purchase online.


The legal bit…..

In May 2020, Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps announced that trials of e-scooter rentals in towns and cities would be brought forward to take place in June this year.  Legislation to remove the current restrictions on e-scooters is being put in place to allow the trials to take place.  However, this will only apply to the trials.  Outside of the trials e-scooters remain illegal to use on public roads and pavements and are only to be used on private land with the owners permission.

We are optimistic that the trials will be successful and that legislation will quickly be created to allow rental operations in towns and cities.  We are also optimistic that Legislation to allow use of privately owned e-scooters will follow very quickly.

For the meantime…..

  • Electric scooters are classed as powered transporters.
  • Powered transporters are classed as motor vehicles.
  • A motor vehicle needs to be taxed/MOT’d to be ridden legally on public roads.
  • It is still illegal to ride privately owned e-scooters on public highways.



Please ignore the OUT OF STOCK label.


We have limited stocks of e scooters that are available for collection only.


Please call or email to check on availability.




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