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Who are Dialled In Bikes?


Dialled In Bikes is a well established Local Bike Shop owned and run by Simon Pedrick, a keen and active cyclist from Paignton in Devon.


As well as being a Cytech qualified bike mechanic and having many years of experience looking after bikes, Simon is also a qualified mechanical and production engineer with hands on experience in fields as diverse as tool making, CNC machining, ultra high vacuum engineering and jig and tool design.  Bringing that engineering experience, knowledge and understanding to cycle servicing and repair is Dialled In Bikes “added extra” providing a superior level of service.

What does Dialled In Bikes do?

We are a traditional Local Bike Shop, offering sales of new and occasionally, used bikes, service and repairs plus sales of parts, spares, and accessories.


Our specialism is service and repairs to all forms of bikes. From mountain, road, kids, or commuter, whatever it is, if it has 2 wheels and you pedal it, we can look after it for you.

Why the name Dialled In?

“Dialling in” is an expression used in some sports to refer to the set up and tuning of, for example, a bike or race car.  It is also a term used in other sports such as climbing, snowboarding and kayaking to refer to something done to perfection.  It has nothing to do with phones!


At Dialled In Bikes we believe in excellence in both customer service and the quality of all work carried out. Whatever your reason for visiting us we hope that you will find both.

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Repairs & Fault Diagnosis
E-Bike Servicing
Wheel Building
Custom Builds & Special
Other Services

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