The Kilimanjaro Challenge 2023 – Torbay Lifeboat Crew’s Epic Fundraising Challenge


During 2022, culminating with an ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro in 2023, members of the Torbay Lifeboat Crew are taking on a series of physical challenges with the aim of raising £60,000 for the Torbay Lifeboat Station, ahead of their retirement from the crew.


We are delighted to be involved with this and will be supporting the crew as they prepare for the Cycle leg of the challenge and helping with promoting the challenge via the shop.


Please follow the link below to find out more about the other challenges, and to make a donation to the pot.



What are we helping with?

The Cycle Challenge . The second team are cycling over 100 miles across 6 islands in the Western Isles of Scotland in June.


The Five Ferries Challenge is an endurance ride known to cycling enthusiasts north of the border, but less well known to Devon based sea-farers!  Team leader is station coxswain Mark Criddle.


Riding the 100 miles and climbing the 6200 ft is one thing but the real challenge comes in making sure you arrive on time for each of the five ferries used to take you to each section of the route.  Arrive late and the challenge is over!


At Dialled In Bikes we are helping with bike preparation and servicing ahead of the ride, providing spares packages for each rider with tubes, cables and other emergency parts that may be needed to quickly fix a bike and enable the team to make it to he next ferry on time and complete the challenge.

How can I help?

Bike Servicing
Repairs & Fault Diagnosis
E-Bike Servicing
Wheel Building
Custom Builds & Special
Other Services

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